Medilas is a dermal and body care center aiming to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through modern, effective and scientific methods. The first professional attempt was made in 2004 due to absence of a laser epilation center and professional skin care in Alanya.

Medilas Clinic

The most efficient devices are identified after an extensive research. We found out that Cynosure apogee alexandrite model device selected as the best laser epilation device around the world and therefore we purchased the device and kept upgrading device model since 2005, and continuing to work with alexandrite device which proven its success.

You’re in Safe Hands

Medilase Aesthetic and Beauty Center began to serve in Alanya on 15.01.2005 with needle epilation for white and fine hair, Dermal care, oxygen therapy, massage and Pilates units. Acupuncture unit was included in January 2008,varicose treatment by foam and laser included in 2013, and Botox, face filling, mesotheraphy  units were included in 2015, offering a more extensive service.

Medilase Aesthetic and Beauty Center is an address offering experience and innovations in aesthetic and beauty field. You can always get quality and healthy service. We are proud to serve you with our specialized and certified personnel in a cozy environment. You deserve to receive a treatment in a hygienic and healthy environment.

Medilas Experience

We are offering new methods combined with the developing technology, and solutions for skin and body beauty both for men and women. The most significant issue that needs to be considered for these solutions is; identification of the problem and application of correct method by experts.

Aesthetic care and beauty is deemed as one of the most rapid developing field open for innovations. We are closely following innovations offered by state of art technology in cosmetic and aesthetic field with 12 years of Medilas experience.


Treatments performed by experienced doctors and specialists,
12 years of experience,
Treatments performed using leading Medical Aesthetic Devices and Dermo-cosmetic products,
Completely specialized staff.